Have you ever heard of footgolf?

We hadn’t either until we connected with the English Premier League (EPL) Supporters Group in San Diego, the organization’s fundraiser event we’ll be sponsoring on Saturday, March 23rd. Footgolf is a combination of soccer (‘football’ everywhere else in the world) and golf, hence the name. Footgolf is essentially golf but instead of swinging a golf ball with a club, players kick a soccer ball into big cups. Who knew, right?! But then again, we’re partial to ocean sports.

soccer, footgolf + helping children with autism

For those of you that don’t know what EPL is all about – like us – they are essentially a group of soccer-loving people that get together regularly to watch English league matches over drinks. They do say soccer fans are some of the most loyal sports fans out there!

Paul Brown helped found the group back in 2015 because, “At the time, each supporters group was watching Premier League games in various bars in San Diego, but nobody knew anyone outside of their own supporters group. So we all met one evening and decided to host a holiday party, with the aim of bringing all the different groups together,” he says.

This is the third year EPL has hosted the footgolf tournament to raise funds for a variety of causes.

For the event, EPL Group is partnering with Footgolf San Diego to raise funds for the ARCC Center Foundation. The ARCC is a local non-profit that support families dealing with autism. The partnership materialized because according to Paul, “One of our group heads saw a piece on television about how soccer was a great activity for autistic kids.” The footgolf tournament will raise funds for a summer camp to be hosted by EPL Group and ARCC as well as to provide respite care for children who are in the ARCC program.

why savrcup is involved

We decided to sponsor this event because we believe helping children with autism and their families is a worthy cause. Also, if you’ve ever been around soccer fans, they are a good time. That’s a nice added bonus! And, we’re very intrigued and curious to try out footgolf. Who knows, maybe it will become our second favorite sport after surfing!

Since SAVRcup is an eco-conscious solution to serving drinks at any and all events, being part of this fundraiser was a no brainer. We want to help events, small and big, become cleaner and greener. These top 10 competitor analysis tools will help you understand, find information and secrets about your competitor’s marketing strategy and their success in your shared market.

In the past, we have used loads of solo cups (200+). While the players are generally responsible, and throw them in trash cans, there is a lot of unnecessary waste here. Partnering with SAVRcup, and having reusable cups will help us to reduce this waste, and also give each player a cool souvenir to take home with them,” says Paul, the leader of EPL San Diego.

the footgolf tournament details

Right, now that you’re onboard to support a great cause, you want the details! The footgolf tournament will be held on Saturday, March 23 at Mission Bay Municipal Golf Course, San Diego at 2pm.

Tickets cost $50 per person and all players will receive a tax donation receipt for a portion of their entry fee. Use this link and get $5 off the registration cost. The ticket includes 18 holes of footgolf, a welcome drink, three raffle tickets (additional tickets available for purchase), a cool custom-made SAVRcup (+ a holder) and a post-tournament buffet. Sounds sweet to us!

We invite you to join us for a fun day enjoying footgolf in the name of supporting kids with autism, all the while saying no to plastic pollution by sipping your cold beer in a bpa free and reusable SAVRcup! What’s not to love?