Most event planners think that it costs money to become more sustainable at their event but in fact working with SAVRcup to create personalized reusable cups will actually generate revenue!

how do I make a profit when using reusable cups at my event?

When attendees get their first drink, simply ask if they would like a custom reusable cup rather than a disposable. We price our cups at only ~$2 so that way they can be sold to attendees with a markup that is still at an affordable price point for them. We suggest selling for $5-$10. We have also seen great success in events offering a discount on the first drink if a reusable cup is purchased! Attendees love the cup because they’re extremely durable, high-quality cups that are personalized cups for that particular event – it’s like an eco-friendly merch item they get with their first drink!

If you are tight on budget, we’ve seen SAVRcups being paid for by sponsors, because who wouldn’t want their brand associated with sustainability! Our reusable cups are extremely handy – they are dishwasher & microwave safe, good for hot drinks too and all come with handy holders so you betcha your sponsor’s logo will be seen around town!

but do event attendees even care about being eco-friendly?

YES! In fact a study by Live Nation found 82% of live musicgoers said they strive to maintain an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Event attendees want more sustainable events as there is more awareness of how harmful disposable cups are to our environment. The younger generation especially wants a more sustainable environment!

but what if I don’t have a design?

No worries! We have plenty of designs to choose from to customize your cups for free! Start your customization here.

wanna get started using reusable custom cups at your event?

Recent research by Upstream found that reuse will always win at events, so why wait? It’s a win – win: your event becomes more sustainable, your attendees are happier they get an option to reuse AND you make money! Get started now and personalize your own cups!