This Valentine’s Day say no to disposable and dating apps. Say yes to reusable stylish cups and IRL singles.

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day. A manufactured holiday to entice couples to consume and spend in the name of love. While us single people are blatantly reminded of the lack of romance in our lives *rolls eyes*.

Singledom has its perks and downs, of course. It’s great flying solo when one wants to, but it can quickly get lonely when we wish we had a bae to snuggle next to and watch our awesomely curated Netflix shows with. Or you know, a special someone to do nothing with.

If the idea of spending yet another Valentine’s on your own sounds a little depressing, fret not!

SAVR is partnering with San Diego Singles to host a fun Valentine’s Day event on February 14th at The Deck of Moonshine Flats. If fellow dope singles, happy hour (all night long), prizes, giveaways and raffles sound tempting, join us starting at 7pm till closing time!

While SAVR’s movement is more about preserving the environment by replacing single-use cups with stylish 100% recycled (and reusable) plastic cups, we’re always keen to sponsor worthy causes and events. And offering solidarity for singles is definitely one of them!

That’s where San Diego Singles comes in. The meetup platform is the brainchild of Jacqueline Uphoff. After hearing her single friends constantly complain about the shortcomings of dating apps and generally being tired of the ~single af~ status, Jacqueline decided to use her inherent ability for connecting people to create SD Singles.

Which is great, because any single person knows intimately the woes and struggles of modern dating. In a recent Atlantic article, Kate Julian bleakly claims Millennials are in the midst of a sex [and love] recession. The author cites several factors and goes in depth to explain their implications, but one of them is the mirage of dating apps.

As Julian puts it, “Unless you’re exceptionally good-looking, the thing online dating may be best at is sucking up large amounts of time.” Relatable much?

So if you’re in the San Diego area and tempted to go on Tinder or Hinge or Bumble or Bagel + Coffee or any of the endless apps to find a date for Valentine’s, just don’t. Save your precious time and mental energy.

Whether you’re a cynic or a hopeless romantic on the lookout for the one come mingle with other singles. All the while feeling great for helping to banish disposable plastic cups. #SAVRMotherNature

Worse case, you enjoy drinks in your hip new reusable (and complimentary) SAVRcups in the company of other lovely single folk. Really, you have nothing to lose.

See you at The Deck of Moonshine Flats on Thursday, February 14th!