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using recycled plastic

When we first started SAVRcup, it was so important to us that we use recycled plastic rather than generating new plastic. The particular recycled plastic we use is called post-industrial material which is considered a form of recycled plastic that is generated during the manufacturing process. While it is more expensive than virgin plastic and much more difficult to print on, it is important that we utilize this and essentially create more demand for this type of product. This in turn can encourage companies to resell their plastic scraps to be reused, creating a more circulatory economy.

Benefits of using recycled material

Encouraging demand for recycled material could reduce the demand for virgin plastic leading to a decreased reliance on fossil fuel extraction and lower carbon emissions! By incorporating post-industrial plastic into the production of consumer goods, companies can contribute to a circular economy while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint – it is a win-win! 

Where can recycled material be used

The potential applications of post-industrial plastic in consumer goods are vast and diverse. Take for example some of these other awesome products made from recycled plastics. Various industries can adopt this approach (not just cups), but automotive, electronics, packaging, furniture, and household appliances. Automotive companies, for instance, can incorporate recycled plastics into car interiors, bumpers, and exterior trims. Electronics manufacturers can use post-industrial plastic in casings, connectors, and accessories. Packaging companies can explore sustainable alternatives by incorporating recycled plastic into bottles, containers, and film. By leveraging the versatility of post-industrial plastic, consumer goods manufacturers can simultaneously enhance their sustainability efforts and meet the growing demand for eco-friendly products.

The integration of post-industrial plastic in consumer goods manufacturing represents a significant opportunity to reduce plastic waste, minimize environmental impact, and contribute to a circular economy. By overcoming technical challenges, exploring diverse applications, educating consumers, and fostering collaboration, manufacturers can unlock the vast potential of this sustainable solution. Embracing post-industrial plastic offers the dual advantage of aligning business practices with environmental goals while meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly products, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for both businesses and the planet.

SAVRcups are made from 100% post-industrial recycled scraps

We are so proud that our custom cups are made from 100% post-industrial plastic scraps. We also ensure we have a circular economy in our own production by grinding down any broken or scrap cups into brand new cups! Why put out new plastic into the world when you don’t have to?! Cups should not only be reusable but sustainably made. SAVRcups are a high quality reusable cup that isn’t only just made with recycled plastic but made to last. They are extremely durable, made to last a lifetime. They are also made in the U.S.A, dishwasher & microwave safe, good for both cold AND hot drinks and our custom cups are actually affordable (only ~$2 depending on quantity!).

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