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Are reusables safe?

YES! Reusable cups can be re-used per FDA Food Code 3-304.16 & 3-304.17: If a consumer's drinking cup or container should never come in contact between the pouring utensil and the lip-contact area of the drinking cup or container. This is why, for example, businesses can refill your water bottle, or Starbucks and other cafes allow consumers to bring their own mug. Self-serve refillable water bottle stations refer to this same regulation.

Can I use your design and add my logo?

Of course! You can find our ready-made designs under Shop -> Customize

How do we communicate that our event is not using single-use cups?

Awareness is KEY. Be sure to make it clear to attendees yours is a clean event, with NO DISPOSABLE CUPS AVAILABLE. This way attendees understand they have to keep their SAVRcup in order to get any kind of drink.

How do we charge event attendees?

We highly suggest to just include it in the ticket price and hand out as people come into the event. Second best option would be charging with their first drink purchase.

What if an attendees wants to switch drinks? For example go from beer to wine?

You can just rinse it out and use the same one or give them a new SAVRcup and sanitize the used one later. You can also provide a water source for attendees to rinse out their own cups.

Am I charged tax on the cups?

Tax will be waived as long as you have a seller’s permit and will be charging tax on your end. You also won't be charged if you come from a sales tax free state (luck you ;)

Can SAVRcup vectorize our designs?

Yes we usually can but if it is a complicated design we do need to charge a vectorization fee of $35.

Can SAVRcup design my cup?

Yes, for an $85 charge.

How soon will I get my custom order?

An order form is sent to you within 48 hours of order placement. You will receive your custom order within 3 weeks after the order form is approved. Please email us with any rush orders:

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