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our mission

Our purpose is to provide eco-friendly and high-quality reusable products that are affordable for everyone.

our story

Hey there, Rach and Pedro here, SAVRcup's founders. Our story starts back in the summer of 2016 when we both matched on Tinder. Just another classic millennial love story.

We soon realized that we both shared the same love for the ocean and the desire to keep it around. Living in San Diego, we are lucky to be around the ocean but also, unfortunately, see the sad side affects of humans not taking care of it. EVERY SINGLE DAY we find trash near or in our ocean, so we wanted to provide products that could help solve this issue.

SAVRcup contributes to the movement of stopping the mindless use of single-use in a fun & exciting way. We also know that eco-friendly products can be expensive so we made sure our products didn’t break the bank. Come be a part of the solution with us, there are no more excuses.


When we started on the journey of making SAVRcups, we wanted to make sure we weren’t putting more plastic out there. Using recycled plastic was extremely important to us. We spent months looking for the right source and we are proud to say all of our SAVRcups are made from no less than 100% post industrial plastic, aka “industrial scraps”. All broken cups also go back into the SAVRcup process, ground back down to re-form into another cup. Our approach to sustainability is fivefold: focusing on the materials we work with, reduction of waste, affordability, social responsibility and community leadership. We are not here to reinvent cups, but how we use them.


Giving back is extremely important to us and that is why we make sure we help out at least six non-profits per year with price discounts or free cups. A lot of times sustainability can come with an extra price tag. We wanted to make sure that was not the case with SAVRcup so we ensured our products were affordable and that we helped out communities and organizations wherever we could. If you know or are a part of an organization that would love to be sustainable but can’t afford any extra costs, we would love to hear from you. We will work with you to make your sustainability goals happen.

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